Intro to Depict

Welcome to the Depict documentation!

The basics

Depict is a personalization engine that provides powerful tools for your E-commerce fashion website, allowing you to show the right product at the right time, every time.

To achieve that, we offer functionalities around those surfaces:

In only a couple of hours, you can integrate all of these surfaces and uplift any metric you want to focus on.

Quick start

To get started with Depict, you need to:

  1. Ensure your data is ingested into our systems.
  2. Integrate our SDK. You can use our turnkey UI or our API client along with your own UI.

And that's it!

We also highly recommend that you set up our Depict Performance Client so that you get insight into how well your marketplace is performing, thanks to Depict.

In the Depict documentation, you'll find everything you need to understand how to integrate Depict, how to maximize performance using Depict in your E-commerce store, and detailed information on every feature of Depict's personalization engine.