The Depict UI allows you to integrate with our systems quickly.

We highly suggest trying out our intuitive and efficient UI SDK before committing to building your own - it allows you to get up and running in minutes. We’ve designed it with your productivity in mind, aiming to deliver a high-quality user experience with less development time than a custom build would require.

There are multiple advantages to using our UI components:

  • They are intuitive and well-thought-out, avoiding your users getting frustrated.
  • We have extensive experience in the fashion industry, and our UI choices reflect that. Depict UI gives you a smooth shopper experience out of the box, that makes them want to buy now and come back later.
  • We deal with all the intricacies of frontend state management, UX, and interactions with the backend and ensure the UI is always on point. This saves you time and money and lets you focus on what matters: your brand and your products.

Key capabilities

  • Dedicated: The Depict Search UI SDK was built for modern eCommerce platforms. It follows all the industry’s standards for building a best-in-class search functionality.
  • Personalized: The SDK uses Depict’s proprietary recommendations AI to offer personalized product suggestions based on user activity.
  • Customizable: The SDK offers styling and layout customizations. You can customize your application by overriding our default SCSS boilerplate. Product cards are fully custom (in code). For more information, see Modifying styling.
  • Seamless navigation: The Search UI SDK handles dynamic routing to search result pages with minimal routing configuration.
  • Best practices: The Depict UI SDK follows the industry’s best practices on responsiveness, accessibility, and performance.

Full list of supported features

Supported frameworks

We currently support the following frameworks:

FrameworkDescriptionRelevant links
Vanilla JSA vanilla Javascript SDK that also can be integrated with other frontend frameworksIntegration guide for vanilla JS
ReactA React SDK that can work with client-side frameworks as well as server-side frameworks (like Next.js)Integration guide for React users

👍 Customizing the default UI

We provide ways to customize the default UI so that it integrates smoothly with the rest of your website.