The basics

Depict is a personalization engine that provides powerful tools for your E-commerce fashion website, allowing you to show the right product at the right time, every time.

To achieve that, we offer functionalities around those surfaces:

  1. Search
  2. Product listing pages
  3. Recommendations

In only a couple of hours, you can integrate all of these surfaces and uplift any metric you want to focus on.

To learn more about our product, check out our website.

Quick start

To integrate with Depict, you need to:

  1. Follow the data ingestion guide to ensure your data is ingested into our systems.
  2. Choose the integration guide that fits your needs.

And that’s it!

Make sure to follow the “Tracking” part of your respective integration guide so that you get insight into how well your marketplace is performing, thanks to Depict.

Understanding the documentation format

The documentation is divided into 2 types of content

  1. Guides: Guides are step-by-step tutorials. The guides are structured in a way that you can follow them from start to finish, and you’ll end up with a fully integrated Depict solution.
  2. Reference: The reference section contains detailed documentation of the Depict features and utilities. It’s more of a “dip in, dip out” type of content, where you can go to learn more about a specific feature. Contrary to the guides, the reference section isn’t organised by technology but rather by product.

In the Depict documentation, you’ll find everything you need to understand how to integrate Depict, how to maximize performance using Depict in your E-commerce store, and detailed information on every feature of Depict’s personalization engine.