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Introduction to Depict categories


When it comes to fashion e-commerce websites, category pages are a fundamental concept. They serve as a gateway for shoppers to browse and discover products, helping them narrow down their search to find what they're looking for.

What is a category page?

A category page is a webpage that displays a group of products that share common attributes, such as type, style, color, size, or price range. For example, a fashion e-commerce E-Commerce website may have a category page for "women's dresses," "Women's Dresses," which would display all dresses that are designed for women. Similarly, there might be a category page for "black leather boots," "Black Leather Boots," which would display all black leather boots available on the website.

Category pages may also be referred to as product listing pages, or PLPs.

Why choose Depict to uplift your category pages?

With Depict, you can take your category pages to the next level by adding engaging visual content that will help shoppers discover and compare products in a more intuitive and informative way.

Depict SDK

See Categories SDK.


Merchandise your category pages with easy product pinning, hiding, boosting, and burying that saves you time and headaches.

Provide a hyper-personal product listing page for a customized shopping experience that has your fashionable customers returning for more.


Offer intuitive filtering and sorting

Make sure your shoppers can easily find exactly what they are looking for with our extensive fashion-focused filtering functionality.

Fitlering and sorting

Combine AI with full control for merchandising flexibility

Select products to pin or blacklist in the category navigation with Pin & Hide. You can curate as manually as you wish and let our engine optimize the rest.


Easily manage margin and stock levels

Maintain a lean inventory without sacrificing relevance by managing your stock levels proactively with Boost & Bury.