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Integrating Depict recommendations with Klaviyo

Depict provides product discovery in many different mediums. One of these is product recommendations served through email. This page covers integrating Depict email recommendations into your Klaviyo templates.

High level process

An integration with Depict email recommendations through Klaviyo follows the following process:

  • A discussion with your Depict customer success manager to understand your specific business optimization areas around email recommendations

  • A draft for the visual design of the recommendations is agreed upon

  • Discussions to fine-tune and optimize recommendations until sufficient quality is met. This includes the visual design, as it is implemented, and the quality and optimization areas of the recommendations engine

  • Collaboration between developers and compliance managers to ensure user tracking between mediums is set up correctly and follows regulation

  • A template is configured in Klaviyo that fetches the email recommendations from the Depict recommendation engine

Technical approach

High Level

Depict email recommendations are generated as images that are fetched from the user's inbox. If possible, the Depict script on your website will inform Klaviyo about the user's Depict ID, so that email recommendations can be based on user recommendation behavior from your website.


A graph showing the flow of data to insert recommendations in the user's inbox

User synchronization

The Depict ecosystem ensures continuity between all our mediums. Meaning our recommendations engine can learn about a specific user on your website, which will feed into the user's email recommendations. To achieve this, the Depict script present on your website will use Klaviyo's API for identification and tracking to place the Depict User ID as a property on the person object in Klaviyo.


User synchronization between website and email is only possible if both Klaviyo and Depict is present on your website


Recommendations are still generated even if an email user has never visited your website. In this case, less personalized recommendations will be used.

Requesting Recommendation Images in Klaviyo


Before this step, you should contact Depict to generate a unique email request URL for your company.

Step 1

Create a configuration of images in your template. In the below example, we have created three image blocks in one row:


Step 2

For each image, find the link address input field. Insert the URL that you have been given by the Depict team. At the end of the URL, at the following &user_id={{ person.depict_user_id }}&position=0. The last number (in this case, 0) should correspond to the position of the image starting at 0, e.i. for the first image, specify 0; for the second 1, etc.