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Introduction to Depict recommendations


Recommendations are a powerful tool for increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. They allow shoppers to discover new products that they might not have found otherwise, while also helping them find products that are more relevant to their interests and preferences. As a result, recommendations are an essential component of any successful e-commerce strategy.

What are recommendations?

Recommendations are product suggestions that are based on a shopper's behavior and preferences. They can be made in various ways, such as through product recommendations on a product detail page, personalized product recommendations based on a shopper's browsing and purchase history, or recommendations for complementary or related products on a checkout page.

Why Depict?

With Depict, you can enhance your product recommendations with engaging visual content that will help shoppers discover new products and make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into shopper behavior and preferences, allowing you to optimize your e-commerce strategy for maximum success.

Depict SDK

See Recommendations SDK.


Keep shoppers coming back for more and increase your AOV by offering an online shopping experience that is unique to them.

Our Visual-AI engine fully understands your products as well as an in-store seller. Thanks to our constantly evolving algorithms your customers can rely on finding the fashion items they want to buy, every single time.


Similar product discovery made easy

Trigger more engagement by making it easy for your shoppers to find designs that match the looks they like with accurate recommendations.

similar products discovery

Personalize your front page for delightful experiences

Show visitors the items they’re most interested in as soon as they enter your website, to truly make your shopping experience the best in class.

front page personalization

Complete looks that suit their style

From outfit suggestions to complete collections, ensure shoppers discover more products in your catalog, to help move stock and increase AOV.

complete looks