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SDK introduction

Introduction to the Depict SDK

The Depict SDK allows you to integrate with our systems quickly.

Depending on your requirements, you can use our well-thought-out UI components or our API client.

Our documentation for the SDK is divided into three sections:

Using UI components

We offer a UI SDK that allows you to get up and running in minutes.

There are multiple advantages to using our UI components:

  • We have extensive experience in the fashion industry, and our choices in our UI reflect that. For example, do you know the most appropriate place for a category filter? I bet you don't, but we do. You want a user experience for your shoppers that's smooth and that makes them want to buy now and come back later.
  • We deal with all the intricacies of frontend state management, UX, and interactions with the backend and ensure the UI is always on point. You want to save time and money and focus on what matters, your product(s), we can help with that.

Supported frameworks

We currently support the following frameworks:

FrameworkDescriptionRelevant links
Vanilla JSA vanilla Javascript SDK that can be integrated with other frontend frameworksSearch, Category, Recommendations
ReactA React SDK that can work with client-side frameworks as well as server-side frameworksSearch, Category, Recommendations

Support for other frameworks is currently in the works and we expect to launch them later.

Supported environments

Webpack versions earlier than 5.0 are not supported. To use our SCSS styling (highly recommended), [email protected] 1.54.6 or later is recommended. Note that the previously popular node-sass package has been deprecated and is not supported by our styling.


Customizing the default UI

We provide ways to customize the default UI so that it integrates smoothly with the rest of your website.

Using our API client

If you want still want to stick to using your own UI, we provide a Javascript API client that you can use to call our backend services.

Here are the relevant links if you want to go that route: