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Introduction to Depict search


In the world of E-commerce, search surfaces are a crucial part of the shopping experience. They allow customers to quickly and easily find the products they're looking for, even if they don't know exactly what they want. As a result, search surfaces are an essential component of any successful E-commerce strategy.

What is search?

Search allows shoppers to search for products on an E-commerce website. The search surface typically consists of a search bar and various filters that enable shoppers to refine their search results based on specific criteria, such as size, color, price, and brand.

Why choose Depict to uplift your search?

With Depict, you can enhance your search surface with engaging visual content that will help shoppers find the products they're looking for more easily and quickly. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into shopper behavior and preferences, allowing you to optimize your e-commerce strategy for maximum success.

Depict SDK

See Search SDK.


Present precise fashion-related search results for every shopper, creating an engaging experience that has them stay longer on your site.

Shoppers can browse your collection at lightning speed and ease with our latest semantic AI, allowing them to find the exact look they want with just a few clicks.


Assist the customers all the way

Help your visitors find what they are looking for faster with autocomplete, relevant category suggestions, and instant results.

search bar

Access the biggest fashion-focused search library

Enjoy our extensive fashion synonym library combined with our sophisticated matching process, bringing up the right fashion items, every time.

search bar

Present recommendations for any search

Provide relevant alternatives for your shoppers when only a few results match their search, ensuring they see other collections they may also like.

recommendations for search