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Get a brief overview of Depict Search UI.

The Depict UI SDKs help build fast and efficient search interfaces for your websites. The developer-friendly SDK includes tools to integrate Depict's best-in-class search functionality into your applications.

Once integrated, the SDK provides separate interfaces for querying and displaying search results. It also offers customization options for developers to create a unique search experience that fits the look and feel of their website.

Key capabilities

  • Dedicated: The Depict Search UI SDK was built for modern eCommerce platforms. It follows all the industry's standards for building a best-in-class search functionality.
  • Personalized: The SDK uses Depict's proprietary recommendations AI to offer personalized product suggestions based on user activity.
  • Customizable: The SDK offers styling and layout customizations. You can customize your application by overriding our default SCSS boilerplate. For more information, see Modifying styling.
  • Seamless navigation: The Search UI SDK handles dynamic routing to search result pages with minimal routing configuration.
  • Best practices: The Depict UI SDK follows the industry's best practices on responsiveness, accessibility, and performance.

Supported SDKs

The Depict UI comes in two packages allowing you to choose the right solution for your application.

  • React SDK: The React SDK comes prebuilt with React components and wrappers. Suitable for React.js and Next.js applications. For more information, see React SDK.
  • JavaScript SDK: The Depict Search UI also comes in a Vanilla JavaScript SDK, suitable for non-React applications. For more information, see JavaScript SDK.