Boost your organic search traffic by taking advantage of the long-tail keywords.

Long-tail SEO collections are a list of collections that we generate based on your catalog, product attributes and category/collection structure.

Thanks to them, you will be able to rank on result pages for searches that you could not rank for before.

Follow the guide below to activate this feature.


  1. Make sure your Depict SDK is on a new enough version to use Long-tail collections. You can verify this by navigating to Long-tail SEO in the Depict Portal and clicking on the URL buttons on the right of the table.

  2. Inside Depict’s portal, go to Long-tail SEO and click on the button “Learn how to enable”.
    There you will find your unique URL to a sitemap that will allow Google to find the collections we created for you. It should look something like this:

  3. Set up a redirect from /depict-collections-sitemap.xml to that URL. If you are on one of the e-commerce platforms listed below click on their logos for a specific guide on how to do that.


  1. Navigate to Long-tail SEO in the Depict portal and click on the URL button for entries in the table.
    You should see a page with the same title as the table in the Portal lists as well as fitting products.
  2. Navigate to
    You should see a website that starts with <xml>

Go Live

  1. Head to the Sitemaps section in your Google Search Console
  2. In Add a new sitemap, after the greyed out URL of your site, enter: depict-collections-sitemap.xml
  3. Press submit and you’re done! 🎉 Submitting depict-collections-sitemap.xml to Google

Good to know:

  • After a short while you should see how many pages Google discovered using the sitemap
  • You can navigate back to Long-tail SEO in the Portal to see your organic traffic increase
  • Note: It may take a few days for Google to index the newly submitted pages