To setup Long-tail SEO collections in Wordpress:

  1. Go to your Wordpress dashboard

  2. Install and activate the Redirection plugin

  3. Once activated, go to Tools > Redirection

  4. You’ll find a setup wizard to help you set up. Follow the instructions to set up the plugin.

  5. After the setup, you’ll reach the Redirection menu.

    In Source URL enter:


    In Target URL enter the link you found following step 2 of the introduction. It should look something like this:

  6. Head back to the introduction and follow the last steps to complete the setup.

  7. Click on Add Redirect. That’s it for Wordpress.

  8. The redirect in now setup. The last step is to notify Google of the changes in your website so that it can index all the newly added pages and return search results for them.

    Head to Google Search Console, and then into Sitemaps.

    In Add a new sitemap, after the greyed out URL of your site, enter:


  9. Press submit and you’re done.

Long-tail SEO collections should now be activated and will get indexed in the next few days by Google. Come back to the long-tail collection page to see your organic traffic grow as time goes!