Your SDK has support for Long-tail SEO collections out-of-the-box. However, if you are using an older version of the SDK, you may need to upgrade it.

This page is intended for non-developers wanting to know if their SDK has a new enough version. If you are a developer, [please refer to this page]/other-guides/seo-collections-guide/setup-sdk).

There are two non-developer methods to check if your SDK is compatible with Long-tail SEO collections. They are covered below.

Method 1: Using date-of-integration

If you went live with Depict on your website after 14th August 2023, then you are definitely using a new enough version of the SDK. If not, please refer to Method 2.

Method 2: Using the version number

It’s possible for an old integration to be using a new SDK version. This means you have to check the actual version number to be sure.

This method involves several steps, and will probably take around 10 minutes for you to do. We are happy to check this step for you, if you don’t need an answer immediately. Feel free to contact your customer-success representative.

Please follow the instructions in this video:

You’ll also need this link:^1.4.11/PUT_YOUR_VERSION_HERE

If your SDK is too old

Don’t fear! It’s very simple and fast to update the SDK (around 5 minutes). Please ask your developer/agency to [follow the instructions on this page]/other-guides/seo-collections-guide/setup-sdk).