You can either send addToCart events manually to Depict, or automatically by marking add-to-cart buttons in the DOM using the depict-add-to-cart class. The automatic tracking is limited to one product id per product detail page and product card. If your website uses size and color selectors before adding to cart, the imperative tracking is more reliable.

Sending add-to-cart events imperatively

For attribution of purchases to work properly, the product ID used in setProductId and addToCart events must be the same type of id that is returned in the displays by our API as product_id. For an example of valid product IDs, see the bottom table on the “Tracking status” tab on

Whenever a product was successfully added to the cart anywhere on your website (including surfaces not directly related to Depict), send an addToCart event with the corresponding product id. If you implement imperative tracking, skip the automatic tracking section below.


Mark up your add-to-cart buttons for automatic tracking

Add the depict-add-to-cart class to all add-to-cart buttons on your website, including product cards and product detail pages. Depict will automatically track clicks as necessary, using the product id set on product detail pages or result id for buttons inside product cards.

<button class="depict-add-to-cart">Add to cart</button>