The Depict Collection Page block is the block that renders the collection page. Below we’ll show you how to add the block to your default collection template.

You can also add it to any other collection template you have as well as to any other pages where you’d like to display a collection - just make sure to configure a collection handle in the block settings if the block is used on a page that is not a collection page.


First Step

Select the collection template in the theme editor.

Opening search page template editor

Click to enlarge


Second Step

Add the Depict Collection Page block. You might also want to hide your old collection block in this step.

Adding a search page block to the search template



Change the configurable options as you like and hit save

The collection page block has been added

Now that you have added the Depict product listing pages to your site, we recommend removing all traces (including JavaScript for sorting and filtering) of your old collection blocks, to improve pagespeed.