The search modal is what’s used to make a search and get to the results page. You need to add a way for the user to open the modal.

There are three ways to do this:

Now that you have added the Depict search to your site, we recommend removing all traces (including JavaScript) of your old search to improve pagespeed.

Optional: Alignment options

When using the search field, the modal will automatically align to the SearchField (landscape modal) or align to it initially and then animate the X-direction to be centered (portrait modal).

When using a search button, there are two different alignment modes available, provided you’re using the landscape search modal:

Center aligned (default), Click to enlarge

Vertically aligned to button, click to enlarge

One advantage of aligning the modal to the button is that the position of the modal won’t shift as the content in it changes.

Enabling the vertically-aligned-to-button mode

  1. When re-using your existing search button, add data-align-to-self="true" to the element.
  2. When using the “Depict Search Button”-block, check the “enable button to modal in y-axis” box in the block settings

Block settings of the "Depict Search Button"

Please give us feedback if you want to align the modal to other, arbitrary DOM elements.