If you have a dependency listed below, make sure you have the minimum version or greater installed. You can also use Parcel, Vite or other bundlers.

Dependency (if applicable)Minimum version
react18.0.0 with workaround: 16.14.0
react-dom18.0.0 with workaround: 16.14.0
The only required dependency of above is sass

Browser support

By default, the exported versions of Depict packages are transpiled for older browsers (targeting ES10). This makes it easier for the Depict UI to function in older browsers by default, but also results in a larger network payload and poorer page performance. However, you may still need to add polyfills. If you’re not keen on supporting older browsers, or you’d prefer to handle the transpilation process yourself, append /latest to all your imports to include the untranspiled version.

import { /* your imports */ } from "@depict-ai/react-ui/latest";
import { /* your locales */ } from "@depict-ai/react-ui/locales/latest";

Please see the reference for more information on browser compatibility.