For any Depict product that’s integrated, it is important to set up tracking so that our product performs correctly. Visit the “Tracking status” tab on for live feedback on your tracking events.

DPC (Depict Performance Client) is already set up automatically by using @depict-ai/react-ui. You can access the DPC instance by doing:

import { usePerformanceClient } from "@depict-ai/react-ui";

// Where you need it:
const { dpc } = usePerformanceClient();

Also the dpq global is available after initialising the DepictProvider.

If you are also integrating something via API, for example recommendations, make sure to skip the steps where it says you should skip them if you use @depict-ai/react-ui. Apart from missing the content to be skipped, the tracking part of the react and api integration guide are identical.

For more detailed information see the DPC Reference