We support feeds as JSON, CSV or XML. The feed should be refreshed at least every hour - otherwise it will take too much time for your product updates to take effect on your site.

📘 One feed per market

If your site has multiple markets, you need to provide a product feed for each of them. Each feed should then contain the correct URLs and translations for that market.

Category attributes

The following table shows the category attributes, their accepted data types, and descriptions:

Category ID

The unique identifier for each product category. Example value: ABCD1234.

Parent ID

The unique identifier for the parent of each product category, if the category has a parent. Example value: 1234ABCD.

Category name

The category name as it is displayed for each market on your site. Example value: Sunglasses.

Page link

The URL of the category’s landing page. Example value: https://yourstore.com/categories/ABCD1234.